Bracelet Making Tutorial-How to Make Hemp Bracelets with Beads Step by Step

Summary: How to make hemp bracelets with beads; in this tutorial, you will learn to make a beaded hemp bracelet within popular shamballa style. Lend color and ornamental flair to your hemp bracelet by adding some stunning beads.

To design and make a beaded hemp bracelet, square knots should be actually considered as the most basic and commonly used knot. In this project, it is focusing on how to make hemp bracelets with beads. The strong contrast between rough hemp twine and smooth shinning glass pearl beads and round seed beads furthers amusement of entire inspiration. Enjoy it.

Supplies need for the beaded hemp bracelet

8mm Glass pearl bead

6mm Abacas Electroplate Glass Bead

2mm Round seed bead

1mm Nylon Thread Cord


How to make hemp bracelets with beads?

Step1: Thread preparation

Cut out two strips of 1mm Nylon thread, one about 100cm long and another about 40cm.

Fold the two strips in half and knot at about 7cm from folded locations.

The two short strips as main holding ends and other long ones as working ends.

Step2: Start to work the beaded hemp bracelet

1. Fix the leftover 7cm long cords onto flat desk with a little tape;

2. Start with 8~10 groups of square knots;

3. Push up one 8mm Glass pearl bead onto two holding ends;

4. Slide about 8 pieces of 2mm round seed beads onto each working end;

5. Tie two groups of basic square knots;

6. Keep adding on beads and tying square knots until you’ve reached 6 of above pattern;

7. Stop to work another 8~10 groups of square knots as did in beginning;

Step3: Complement entire beaded hemp bracelet

1. Undo the knot tied in step1;

2. Remove two working ends by scissors, melt and seal bi lighter;

3. Cross four remaining ends for a complete circle, and then take another strand of 1mm nylon thread, about 20cm long;

4. Lay the newly added string under and start to work square knots again, about 5 groups. Trim off excess cords and secure with lighter;

5. Reserve 5~7cm long on each remaining ends and cut off all extra portions. Next, string one 6mm Abacas Electroplate Glass Bead on each and secure with tight overhand knot.

There you have had your amazing beaded hemp bracelet at the moment. The colored beads going through your hemp bracelet rightly give whole bracelet pattern a more individual and trendy appearance. Additionally, if you've ever work with the hemp twine, you may know that to work with the slack hemps may easily ruin your project. So, just be more careful while practicing this how to make hemp bracelets with beads project. Nice day!

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