How to Make a Pair of Red Handmade Beaded Dangling Earrings

Summary: Today’s article will show you how to make handmade earrings with red beads. Follow my tutorial and have a nice try!

How to Make a Pair of Red Handmade Beaded Dangling Earrings

Red blooms signify romance and passion. Today, I make these dangling earrings with red beads. While you enjoy your time on the beach, this pair of dangling earrings can not only show your personality, but also show your passion. You can also send them to your friends, and I believe they will love this pair of red beaded earrings.

Supplies in making the beaded dangling earrings:

Hoop Earrings
Jump Rings
4.5x4MM Dark Red Glass Beads
Earring Hooks
Tiger Tail
Round Nose Pliers
Flat Nose plier


Step 1: Make 3 beaded earrings base

Thread red glass beads to 3 dangling earrings respectively as pictured.

 Make 3 beaded earrings base

Step 2: Make beaded dangling earrings

1st, link 3 hoop earrings together with jump rings;
2nd, cut a long tiger tail, wrap it to earring hook, split the two tiger tails apart and thread about 10 red beads to the two tiger tails;
3rd, attach 2 jump rings to 2 tiger tails, then link 3 beaded earrings base with the jump rings together;
4th, repeat the above steps to make the other pair of the red beaded dangling earrings.

  Make beaded dangling earrings

Here is the final look of the red beaded dangling earrings.

 the final look

These handmade beaded earrings need no other skills, but some ordinary materials, right? You can find these materials on Pandahall easily. Do not hesitate, just DIY these red beaded earrings quickly. You will find happiness during the process of making. Making a pair of red handmade beaded dangling earrings for yourself.

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