How to make jewelry with beads rapidly-make Christmas beaded earrings in 2 steps

Summary: Since learn how to make jewelry with beads has brought so much fun and creativity for your daily, you may also fall love in this brief tutorial about make pair of Christmas beaded earrings with 2 steps.

Many of the jewelry making fans love following free tutorials on how to make jewelry with beads. Why? Because the little thing exactly provide wide space your design, idea and imagination. In the below inspiration, mainly a pair of awesome Christmas beaded earrings for your theme projects. To begin, firstly gather together all necessary supplies.

Things you may need:

6mm Pearl Style Acrylic Bead (Green & Red)



Earring hook

Side Cutting Plier

Wire-cutting Plier

Round Nose Plier

Instructions for Christmas beaded earrings:

Step1: prepare the beads pieces

Alternatively assemble green and red Pearl Style Acrylic Beads with eyepins. After add on bead, loop another pin portion with two pliers. Each may need 10~20 pieces (this may depends on the shape of your earrings).

Step2: group the separate pieces for Christmas beaded earrings

Open the Jumpring and nip one tip with Wire-cutting Plier; next slide down the well-prepared beads pieces and finally add on the earring hook when it reached an ideal shape.

So far, the above two simple steps has fully shown how to make jewelry with beads. What’s more, like the Christmas beaded earrings idea? Just keep an eye on daily updates from

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