Decorative Knot Tying Guide-How to Tie a Monkey Fist Knot

Summary: The monkey knots is one of excellent decorative knot tying patterns. It is a unique method to conclude the end of cord but seldom used in common macrame works due to its complicated when practicing.

Monkey fist knot can be used as a pendant, or as a component of your jewelry designs. Let's look at how to tie a monkey fist knot next!

How to tie a monkey fist knot

To work the monkey fist, you may need to prepare at least 100cm long cord.

Step1: Use your index and middle finger of left hand, secure the starting end tip by your thumb and start to wrap the other working end of the cord three full turns around two fingers;

Wrap three full turns around two fingers

Step2: Wrap the working end around three previous circles made in step1 for another three times;

wrap three turns in the middle of previous circles

Step3: Pass the working end through the middle of the cords to direct it from right to left;

the third step of making money fist knot

Step4: Take the coils off your fingers and hold all circles in place carefully. Wrap the working end around the previous three coils in step2 in the same way;

do tge same in step2

Step5: Tighten the coils one after one, take your time and be patient until you have a neatly finished monkey fist knot.

finished monkey fist knot

Step6: Done!

the final look of momkey fist knot

If you have mastered monkey knots tying, I'd like to introduce you button knot- another beautiful decorative knot, keep going!

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Sep 01, 2014 at 10:17 PM Devin K.

Hello! I've been able to do this with cord, but now I'm trying to do it with thick thread. I've been able to substitute my fingers with the ends of paperclips, but I'm finding the last part difficult in terms of slowly and patiently tightening them until it creates the ball. It becomes too tight too quickly. Thoughts?