Knot Tying Techniques- Tying a Sliding Knot

Summary: The sliding knots is a type of decorative knots that may find in many Macrame patterns. It is often used as hangers for an adjustable closure in necklace and bracelet.

Sometimes, the sliding knot is also referred to as the wrapped knot or collecting knot. This moment, the function of the knot is to make a bundle. Then, let’s check the knot tying techniques for how to tie a sliding knot.

Instructions on tying a sliding knot:

Step1: Lay the cords being wrapped on a flat desk. Place the working end (black) over, secure one end of it. Fold another end to left about 5cm beyond the area you want to wrap.

place the working end over and secure one end of it

Step2: Take the working end and bring it up and over the red string bundle again and again towards folded position.

 bring the working end up and over the red string bundle several times

Step3: Do wrapping with the working end continually.

 do wrapping with the working end

Step4: When making the knot in a right size, lead the working end through the loop (folded position).

lead the working end through the loop

Step5: Pull the secured end inside the knot for more secure.

sliding kont is finished

Sliding knots have been finished! Now you have know how to make a adjustable closure in braided bracelets and necklaces.

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Thanks so much for these great tutorials!