Knot Tying Diagrams-How to Tie a Josephine Knot

Summary: The Josephine knot is an ancient knot pattern that has been around for more than two thousand years, and so did the knot tying diagrams for how to tie a Josephine knot in easy ways.

Josephine knots is also a traditional orient knot pattern which is called the Double Coin Knot. In this tutorial, you will learn the standard means of working by one strand of cord, resulting in three connected loops. Let’s get to see that.

How to tie a Josephine knot(Double Coin Knot)?

Step1: Prepare one strand of cord, figure out the center of your string and make a clockwise loop with the right half of it. Ensure you bring the end over the left end;

making a clockwise loop

Step2: Bring the working end up, pass across the first loop, and be sure the working end is over two lines of the loop;

bring the working end over the loop

Step3: Before moving on to the next process, pass the right working end over the left;

pass the right working end over the left

Step4: Pass across the right working end across the loops made previously. The orders of weaving are under-over-under-over. This is the third loop.

Pass across the right working end across the loops made previously

Step5: Pull and tighten your ends so that all 3 loops are even. And that’s a complete Josephine knot!

Josephine knot is completed

Josephine knot (double coin knots)has been finished, isn't it easy to learn? If you wanna try a little difficult one, you can try to tie Chinese lucky charm knots.


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