Half Hitch Knots- Forward & Backward Knots for Free Macramé Bracelet Making

Summary: In this tutorial, you will learn how to how to tie half hitch knot,half hitch knots is a kind of simple overhand knot, which is easy and practical to learn.

How to tie half hitch knot?

When working end at left, do forward knot;

Step1:Pass red strand over black strand, under black strand and over itself to form a loop;

first step of tying half hitch kots, pass red strand over black strand

Step2:Repeat to make another loop;

step2 repeat to make another loop

Step3:Tighten thread and finish forward knot.

step3 tighten thread and finish forward knot

When working end at right, do backward knot in the same way;

do backward knot

When working end at left, do a forward-backward knot;

Wrap first loop from over black strand, wrap second loop from under the black strand;

do a forward-backward knot

When working end at right, do a backward-forward knot in the same way.

do a backward-forward knot

These half hitch knots are usually flexibly applied in string bracelets and crocheted items. And macramé patterns will be variant and changeable.

One simply braided Valentine day bracelet consists of forward backward knot:

400 / 400