Decorative Knot Tying Guide- How to Make a Chinese Crown Knot

Summary: Learning how to make Chinese crown knot may be much considered in Vintage Macrame pattern. In several knot tying guide, people also call it the royal crown knot.

Instructions on how to make a Chinese crown knot:

Step1: Cross two same long thread trips (in this knot tying guide, the red thread is over the black one);

cross two threads

Step2: Take the below half of black string and direct it upwards, over the red string;

direct the black line upwards

Step3: Use the right half of red string, and thread it to the left, over both two black ends;

thread the red cord to the left

Step4: Pull down the left side black end, over both two red ends;

pull dowm the left side black end

Step5: Use the last unused red string to go down through the black loop made firstly;

the last step of making chinese crown knot

Step6: Tighten all working ends gradually. Remember to keep four segments are equaled in length.

chinese crown knot is finished

Have you mastered it? If yes, I recommend you to give this Chinese crown knot bracelet a try.

Chinese crowm knot bracelet  

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