Basic Knot Tying Guide- How to Tie a Granny Knot

Summary: The granny knot is a binding knot, used to secure two strands of string being attached tightly. Among numerous basic knot tying patterns, it is considered inferior to the square knot (reef knot) which is more stably.

Granny knot is kind of a reef knot crossed the wrong way and therefore insecure.In the following, let’s check how to tie a granny knot now!

How to tie a granny knot?

Step1: Prepare two string strips, and then put the left (red) end over right (black);

 Prepare two cords

Step2: Wrap the left (red) end once;

wrap the left (red) end once

Step3: Do put the left (black) over right (red) again;

 Do put the black over red again

Step4: Tighten the ends and that’s a granny knot! 

 granny knots have finished

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