How to bead jewelry-pair of cheery star earrings for Christmas

Summary: How to bead jewelry-pair of star shape earring hooks finding, several red and green 8/0 Glass Seed Beads, a roll of Nylon Wire, step by step instructions shown with concise diagrams!


The holiday, especial the Christmas, for sake of putting yourself into a festive mood and carry forward the spirit of the day, people is bound to put on the most symbolic ornaments, such as a pair of cheery star earrings for Christmas. Via today’s tutorial, you can learn another fun way of doing how to bead jewelry projects. 


Things you will need:

Earring hook

8/0 Glass Seed Bead (Green & Red)

Nylon wire



How to bead jewelry?

Step1: wrap the red seed beads

Fix one end firmly onto the earring hook, each bead should be wrapped twice.

Step2: embellish the earrings for Christmas

Stack the added beads and then wrap another strand of green ones. Locate the green beads one or two between each 8 red one.


Step3: make another piece

Repeat the above steps for a complete pair of earrings for Christmas.

It is so funny, right? Just try following the instructions to make your own earrings for Christmas, and then wear them to have your ears decked out right now. Once you practice skillful, you may whip up more stunning pairs for your festival wardrobe. More ideas on how to bead jewelry please focus on our learning center updates. 

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