Clasps-give your design an perfect ending

Summary: For a natural and professional ending to your designs, you may not ignore the importance role of Clasps. We offer a variety of economic clasps within versatile finishes, sizes, colors and materials. You are sure to find exactly the one you’re looking for.

For each craft fancier, find a professional and perfect ending is definitely an integral process. As a crucial focal component or something for connecting, clasps are produced to hold two pieces naturally and secure and at meanwhile provide each detail assorts with entire design. Our pandahall have presented a variety of clasps that are from functional to beautiful and precious to economic. I promise you can find the one desired most to complement your project.

In the following, I will introduce 4 most widely-used types of all:

 1. Lobster Claw Clasps

Lobster Claw Clasp are the most common and popular choice. It adopts a spring-loaded mechanism to keep the clasp work. When being used in jewelry making projects, just select a matching Jumpring or split ring to the other end of your item and the clasp can grab onto it. offer s an array of Lobster Claw Clasp in wide range of sizes, styles, colors and materials.

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2. Toggle Clasps

These Toggle Clasps are usually used to make the bracelet closure. They are easy to fasten and unfasten. By to Jumprings, you can attach the Toggle and T-bar to two ends of your bracelet easily. To fasten and unfasten the clasp, simply pivot the bar so that it can slip in and out of the ring. And out Toggle clasps come in wide variety of materials, sizes and colors as well.


3. Magnetic Clasps

Compared to the Toggle Clasps, these Magnetic Clasps are rather more quickly and easily to fasten and unfasten. They are safe and convenient for people who have trouble operating tiny clasps. These Magnetic Clasps are equipped with strong magnates that ensure the clasps more secure and rarely come apart easily. Shop our selection of Magnetic Clasps will exactly help you make more individual and stylish items.


4. Box Clasps

For some delicate jewelry ornaments, these Box Clasps might be most ideal findings. Each clasp is a squeeze clasp that locks securely inside the box, and further, each features distinctive pattern and design so you are sure to find one to fit your needs! We have contained a large amount of Box Clasps ranging from iron to shell and Silver to red copper. 


In the end, choosing the proper clasp is really an important integral for a design. No matter you wanna accent the ending or simply something to complete your jewelry, a clasp can help fasten and hold them securely and seamlessly.

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