How to Do a Beaded Ladder Stitch Bracelet

Summary: Do you love cuff bracelet? How about this fabulous ladder stitch bracelet? In today's video tutorial, I will show how to do a beaded ladder stitch bracelet. Hope you like it.

How to Do a Beaded Ladder Stitch Bracelet

In this beading tutorial, we will show u the way making a fabulous ladder stitch cuff bracelet using 4mm glass beads and 3mm seed beads. A little time-consuming but easy-to-follow! The design can always stands out among the stitching patterns as its simplicity and elegant structure.

To get started, u will need

6mm Faceted Round Glass Beads
2mm Iris Round Seed Beads
A set of Box Clasp
0.3mm Nylon Wire (or, 0.3mm Tiger Tail Wire)
Beading Needle
Flat Nose Pliers


How to start the ladder stitch bracelet?

1. Prepare the thread and needle.

2. Take the needle and string one 6mm glass bead. Slide it down to the 7cm location near the wire end. Then, pass the needle and pass it through the bead one or two more times. Tighten the wire to make the bead stay in place.

3. String eleven 6mm glass beads, slide down to the end. Then, take the needle and pass backwards through the first 4 beads. Tighten the wire and you will get the first beaded loop.

4. String two 6mm glass beads, pass the wire through the 2 glass beads next in 1st row, then pass through the 2 newly added glass beads for another loop.

5. Repeat the 4th step for another 3 beaded loops.

6. Add the 3rd, 4th & 5th row of glass beads by repeating the 4th and 5th steps.

7. Use four 3mm seed beads instead to make the 6th row.

8. Next, make another 5 rows with 6mm glass beads and 1 row with seed beads. Repeat the same processes until for getting a desired bracelet length.

9. Here is a useful tips about how to do when the wire is not long enough. For this, the best way is to divide the bracelet into 2 or 3 parts, then connect the separate parts by weaving the wire through 6mm glass beads and 3mm beads with a zigzag pattern.

10. Weave the excess wire through the beads nearby to get it stuck firmly.

11. Take the wire cutter pliers and remove the leftovers snugly.

12. Open the jumprings with pliers and then attach the set of box clasp on two ends of bracelet.

Once you master the technique, try mixing it up with different beads and sizes, such as a combination of 4mm pearls and 2mm seed beads. That may turns out to be another stunning pattern. Nice try!

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