Hot Pink Jewelry Set - How to Make Resin Jewelry at Home

Summary: Today I’d like show you how to make resin jewelry at home - a cheerful hot pink jewelry set made easy for casual.

Hot Pink Jewelry Set - How to Make Resin Jewelry at Home

Do you love resin jewelry ideas? How about this hot pink jewelry set made by me? The materials are bought from Pandahall, which are cost-effective. Follow me and see how to make resin jewelry at home.

Materials needed in hot pink jewelry set: 

Resin Semicircles
Iron Scissors
Cord Tips, Iron
Brass Lobster Claw Clasps
Iron Jump Rings
Nylon Thread
Iron Headpins
Resin Rhinestone Beads, Spacer Beads
Iron Earring Hooks, Silver
8/0 Glass Seed Beads Opaque, Mixed Color
Brass Hanger Links, Bail Beads, Tube
Platinum Color Brass Twist Chains
Iron Screw Eye Bail Pin Peg
A Set of Eight Pliers

 materials for hot pink jewelry

How to make resin jewelry at home?

Step1: Make earrings for hot pink jewelry set

1st, take a pink resin semicircle and add an eye bail pin peg into the hole, screwed with plier;
2nd, take an earring hook and add a jump ring onto it;
3rd, connect the earring hook with the resin semicircle to finish the earring;
4th, repeat to make a pair.

 earrings for hot pink jewelry

Done the hot pink earrings!

 earrings for hot pink jewelry set

Step2: Make a hot pink resin necklace

1st, take a round pink resin rhinestone bead and several seed beads, put them onto a headpin and wire a loop at the end to make a pendant as showed;
2nd, add the pendant and a pink resin semicircle onto a tube hanger to form the center pendant part of the necklace;
3rd, add resin rhinestones and center pendant onto a red nylon thread in the order as showed;
4th, cut the thread and add cord end at both ends;
5th, add a lobster claw clasp.

 necklace for hot pink jewelry

Here is the finished necklace!

 resin jewelry ideas

Hope you like my resin jewelry ideas!

  hot pink jewelry set

If you are inspired, you can add some other beads to make your own jewelry set. The hot pink jewelry set is easy to do and can be worn even with a pair of jeans. Just try and you can make more than you imagine!

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