Easter present- ornate wire and bead jewelry dangles for earrings

Summary: Wire wrapping is the only skill you need to know when making this Easter present; this skill can be applied into more wire and bead jewelry projects.

The end of March is the day for Christians; before welcoming this important day, many of you must be preparing a piece of nice Easter present for friend! In order to celebrate this special holiday, I suggest you to create an original wire and bead jewelry rather than purchase a commonly seen one.

The materials and tools:

0.3mm Tiger tail wire

1.5mm gold aluminum wire

1.5mm green aluminum wire

Earring hooks

Glass bicone/ abacus beads

Wire cutter

Round nose plier 

Flat nose plier

The full instructions:

Step 1: wrap carrot bodies and leaves

1st, snip 5cm length of green wire and loop ends; bend wire and fold the ends;

2nd, dent the center part to shape the leaves;

3rd, snip 7cm length of yellow wire and bend it into a chevron;

4th, loop two ends with plier.

Step 2: attach beads to fulfill carrots

1st, snip tiger tail wire 15cm long and tie a knot over one loop of leaf;

2nd, add 2 green seed beads, wrap the wire around leaf frame and back through the last bead;

3rd, tighten the wire and continue beading and wrapping; 

4th, when carrot is finished, tie firm knot over frame, tuck wire into beads and cut off the excess.

Step 3: finish the wire carrot earrings

Attach carrot dangle onto earring hook, finalize the Easter present.

Now the wire and bead jewelry tutorial is finished. Look at the beads perfectly wound around wire carrot, they are magnificently glittering and embellish your friend very well. This carrot dangle earring is able to be one of her favorite Easter present.

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