Easy Jewelry Pattern- How to Make Double Drop Leather Earrings with Turquoise

Summary: This couple of double drop earrings is made up of leather cord and turquoise bead, it is a very simple leather earrings tutorial.

Easy Jewelry Pattern- How to Make Double Drop Leather Earrings with Turquoise

Are you handcraft beginners? Here I will show you how to make leather earrings, the couple of leather double drop earrings is a very easy and basic jewelry pattern, I'm sure you can finish it in five minutes, so follow me to look this leather earrings tutorial.

Materials on how to make leather earrings

Coffee leather cord
Tibetan spacer beads
Turquois chip beads
Earring hooks
0.5mm silver copper wire
Wire cutting plier
Round nose plier
Flat plier

Materials on how to make leather earrings

Leather earrings tutorial

Step1: Make basic double drop earrings

1st, prepare one 12cm coffee leather cord and one 10cm coffee leather cord, make them into double drops shape;

Leather earrings tutorial

2nd, cut down a 15cm copper wire, wrap a circle to fix the four cord ends together, continue to wrap some circles around the cords from bottom to top, then wrap a loop, at last, wrap some circles to fix the loop, stop wrapping until conceal the cords;

instruction on making double drop earrings

Step2: Make complete double drop earrings

1st, thread a turquoise bead and a Tibetan spacer bead to a headpin, make a loop by round nose plier, the beads dangle is done;

instruction on making leather earrings

2nd, connect the beads dangle to the small leather drop, then connect an earring hook to the double drop earring;

making leather earrings

3rd, do the same to make the other double drop leather earring.

how to make leather earrings

The final look of this leather double drop earrings:

leather double drop earrings


Ok, the leather earrings tutorial is over, it is very simple, right? Everyone can take a try, hope the instruction on how to make leather earrings can helpful for you, for more double drop earrings patterns, please stay tuned!


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