Beads jewelry designs-lovely Santa Claus pattern

Summary: Free beads jewelry designs and ideas from our learning center for special Christmas Day-bead a piece of plane Santa Claus pattern using common seed beads; follow and design one within one for your family and friends.

Are you longing for the fun and joy Christmas? Have you prepare well the must-have gifts for children? Here, one of totally easy beads jewelry designs for you and your sweet hearts, a super easy Santa Claus pendant that can be finished in several times. Now, let’s get started.

Material for Santa Claus pattern:

6/0 Glass Seed Bead

Crimp bead

Nylon wire

Side cutting Plier

Necessary steps in Beads jewelry designs:

Step1: start working

Snip 150cm Nylon wire and fold it in center location. Then thread one crimp bead and squeeze it to fix the iron bead tip.  

Step2: enter into beads jewelry designs portion

As the diagram shows, this Santa Claus pattern is mainly formed of connected seed beads rows. To get these, you need to cross the both 

working ends through proper amount beads in accordance with diagram. Pay attention to the colors change for different organs.

Step3: embellish the Santa Claus pattern

As soon as you finish the pattern, you can simply turn it into a piece of dangling earring or a new decoration for your phone and handbags.


Overall, regard to the Christmas, nothing can be more important than just fully enjoy it with family and friends. And I believe that this Santa Claus pattern will certainly push the joy atmosphere into a new high! So, ignore the beads jewelry designs, just free your mind and be relaxed!

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