Free Tutorial on Making a Delicate Flower Hair Band with Seed Bead and Jade Bead

Summary: In this tutorial, you will follow me to make a delicate flower hair band with seed bead and jade bead.

Free Tutorial on Making a Delicate Flower Hair Band with Seed Bead and Jade Bead

Owning a delicate flower hair band is essential for girls who love beauty. You may think it is difficult to make a flower hair band, actually it is very simple for you. Now follow the steps to make a hair band with flower. Let’s do it!

Materials needed in making a delicate flower hair band:

4mm glass seed beads 
2mm glass seed beads 
8mm Mashan jade beads 
125mm Iron hair bands
0.3mm beading needle 
0.3mm nylon wire
materials needed in making flower hair band

Instruction on making a flower hair band:

Step1: Make a seed bead loop

1st, thread the beading needle with a nylon wire which is about 30cm;
2nd, choose 10 different colored beads, then thread them into the wire;
3rd, thread the needle back through the first bead, pull the wire tightly then get a seed bead loop, remember to left about 10cm in one end of wire for other use.

making a seed bead loop

4th, thread a jade bead, place and fix the jade bead into the loop;
5th, thread right side five seed beads clockwise, then tie a knot in case the loop loose.

attach a jade bead in seed bead loop

Step2: Make the petal of the beaded flower

1st, slide two green seed beads , make sure the two green seed beads in the middle of two 4mm seed beads, thread the wire into the next 4mm-seed bead, repeat it  ten times until you get green seed bead round the loop;

make the first seed bead loop

2nd, start to bead the second layer with sliding two green seed beads, then thread the wire to the left side green seed bead of the first layer, continue to bead until you finish the second layer;
make the second seed bead loop

 3rd, do the same as 2nd to finish the third layer;

make third seen bead loop

4th, as the same method to thread one green seed bead through the wire, you will find that the petal of the flower is made of seven green seed beads now, continue to finish the rest of the petals;

the last step in making petal of beaded flower

 5th, follow all the above steps to make another four seed bead flowers.

make other five beaded flowers

Step3: Attach beaded flowers to the hair band

Fix the five flowers on the hair band one by one, the order is up to you, you can arrange the order as you like. Remember to tie the knot on the petal of the flower, so that it will not prick you or you can wrap ribbons around the hair band first, then glue the seed beaded flowers to the hairband.

attach five beaded flowers to hair band

The final flower hair band is like this:

the final hair band

Congratulations! I have created this delicate flower hair band. I believe hair band is welcome in most young girls. It represents loveliness, sweetness vitality and youth. Acting on you dream, have a try right now!

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