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Mix Match Jewelry Ideas on How to Do Multi Strand Braided Bracelets with Chains and Bead Strands

Summary: This tutorial is going to tutor you how to do a multi strand bracelet with several strips of chains and bead strands.

Mix Match Jewelry Ideas on How to Do Multi Strand Braided Bracelets with Chains and Bead Strands

This is a mix match jewelry idea I came up with after browsing some jewelry crafts online. I decided to give this multi strand bracelet pattern a bit of mashup style combined with metallic chains and feminine ribbon & pearl. Now read on and you will see how to do this braided bracelet with chains and bead strands.

Supplies needed for the multi strand braided bracelets:

4 different sizes of silver chain
Large hoop silver chain
Acrylic pearl beads
Abacus acrylic beads
2mm nylon thread
Pink satin ribbon
Gray tiger tail wire
Brass Hook and Eye Clasp Set

Supplies needed for the multi strand braided bracelets

Instructions for making multi strand braided bracelets:

Step1: Prepare necessary supplies

1st, lay one part of the clasp set on flat;
2nd, pick out the 2mm nylon thread, large hoop chain and organza ribbon in first group, tie up them to the first loop on clasp;
3st, arrange 3 of rest chain and the Abacus Acrylic Bead strand to the second loop;
4th, to the last loop, attach the leftover chain, Round Gray Acrylic pearl bead strand and prepared fabric strip.

Prepare necessary supplies

Step2: Start to plait your multi strand braided bracelet

1st, braid the above three parts in the way you did for any common 3 braid. And keep braiding until the bracelet is long enough for your wrist;

do common 3 braid and keep braiding until it's long enough for wrist
2nd, fix the three parts to three loops of the other part of clasp;
3rd, snip off excess parts, additionally, light and melt the tails of thread and ribbon.

finish the multi strand braided bracelet

By now this DIY multi strand braided bracelet is finished. Can’t wait to design one for yourself or send your beloved one as special gift? It is worth reading and practicing!

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