Instructions on How to Make a Simple Pearl Collar Necklace with Eye Pins

Summary: The project today is about a stylish DIY pearl collar necklace. Wanna know how to make a pearl collar necklace? Keep reading! Just some patience required!

Instructions on How to Make a Simple Pearl Collar Necklace with Eye Pins

You may have seen many kinds of jewelry sprouting up everywhere. How about a piece of beaded light blue pearl necklace in collar pattern? I resolve to make my own DIY pearl collar necklace. It is really easy to follow. I think it can be named Peter Pan collar necklace DIY, agree with me? Just keep reading if it interests you.

Supplies needed in light blue pearl necklace DIY:

Pearl Beads
Eye pins
Wire-cutter Plier
Side Cutting Plier
Round Nose Plier

 materials in light blue pearl necklace DIY

How to make a pearl collar necklace ?

Step1: Make the pearl bead chain

1st, slide one pearl bead onto the eye pin and loop the other end;
2nd, repeat the above step for a certain number;
3rd, hook the separate pieces one after one for one long pearl chain and two slightly shorter ones;
4th, assemble those with jump rings as showed below.

 make the pearl bead chain

Step2: Complement the pearl necklace

To make a conclusion, my favorite way is supplying rest of necklace with blank chain. Measure an essential length around your own neck and attach on pair of lobster claw clasp.

 complement the pearl necklace


DIY pearl collar necklace

Now, I finish my DIY pearl collar necklace project! By the way, while grouping pearl beads with eye pins, be cautious to keep your hands away from being hurt by the pliers and sharp tip on pins. Well, if no extra questions, why are you still hesitating? Try another one if you do not like this light blue pearl necklace.

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