Cool Jewelry Design-How to Make a Rainbow Wire Beaded Bracelet for Summer

Summary: I am going to show you the simple tutorial about making a rainbow wire beaded bracelet. Hope it will be a good choice for your summer dressing.

Cool Jewelry Design-How to Make a Rainbow Wire Beaded Bracelet for Summer

The mixed acrylic jewelry beads used in making this wire beaded bracelet remind us the color of rainbow. Along with the gold wire, surely it will make you outstanding! Now follow me to make your own rainbow wire beaded bracelet.

Materials needed in making this rainbow wire beaded bracelet:

Aluminium Wire
Copper Jewelry Wire 
Acrylic Jewelry Beads
Round Nose Plier
Wire Cutter Plier
Flat Plier


Tutorial on making rainbow wire beaded bracelet:

Step1: Make the main structure of the bracelet
1st, cut a length of 30cm aluminum wire and make a loop at one end of it with the round nose plier;
2nd, make a downward loop with the help of a pen or circular cylinder like the second picture shows;
3rd, make an upward loop 1cm from the downward loop, continue to make several loops until you get your desired length, then cut off the extra wire.

make the main structure

Step2: Add wire wrapped beads to the main structure
1st, take a length of 30cm copper wire and do three wraps around one end of the aluminum wire in order to fasten one end onto the aluminum wire;
2nd, slide an acrylic bead to the copper wire when it reaches the first loop, and then fix the bead to the loop by wrapping;
3rd, continue to wrap the copper wire and add colorful acrylic beads until it comes to the last loop. You may cut off the excess copper wire if necessary;

add wire wrapped beads
4th, open the first loop and link it with the last loop.

make the closure


finished one

It looks quite attractive. Do you also want to have one? Then take action and make your rainbow wire beaded bracelet as a reward for your hard work!

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