How to Make a Green Beaded Flower Bracelet for Kids

Summary: This tutorial will give you detailed information about how to make a green beaded flower bracelet for kids. Hope it will be favored by your children.

How to Make a Green Beaded Flower Bracelet for Kids

The main material needed in weaving this beaded flower bracelet is the green seed bead which looks so refreshing that it just symbolizes the growing children and our hope. As Children’s day is around the corner, just makes one for your children by following the steps.

Materials required in making this beaded bracelet for kids:

12/0 Glass Seed Beads
Magnetic Slide Lock Clasps
Sterling Silver Closed Jump Rings
Copper Jewelry Wire
Wire Cutter Plier
Flat Plier

materials for making the beaded bracelet

Patterns on making seed bead flower bracelet for kids:

Step1: Make the beginning part of the bracelet
1st, pick up five light green seed beads, a jump ring and another three light green beads to go with the thread one by one;
2nd, thread the line Q through the rightmost bead, the bead marked as “1” in the picture and tighten the wire;
3rd, thread the other end of the wire back to the left beads until it is fastened, then cut off the extra wire.

make the begining part

Step2: Make the flower shaped structure
1st, add one pearl pink bead and three light green beads to the wire;
2nd, thread the wire back through the bead “1” and then through the bead right to it;
3rd, add another three light green beads to the wire and then thread it through the uppermost bead. You will get the flower shaped structure as the last picture shows;

make the flower shaped structure
4th, add four light green beads to the wire, and thread it through the two beads marked by the arrows, then through the uppermost two beads as the picture shows;

make another structure
5th, repeat the above 2nd and 3rd until you reach the desired length.

get the body part

Step3: Make the closure
1st, add a jump ring on the other end in the same manner as was done in step 1;
2nd, attach the magnetic slide lock clasps by opening and closing the jump rings.

make the closure


complete bracelet

It’s lovely, right? I believe you have got the method. Now take your time to make it a gift for your children.

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