How to Make Free Wire Heart Hook Earrings in Ten Minutes

Summary: In this easy earring tutorial, you will get the idea about how to make free wire heart earrings with copper jewelry wire in ten minutes. The gold color makes you shining and fashionable in the crowd.

How to Make Free Wire Heart Hook Earrings in Ten Minutes

Except the brass earring hooks, gold copper wire is the only material needed in making wire heart earrings. Even if you are a beginner, you may do it perfectly as long as you follow my steps.

Supplies required in making this wire heart earring:

0.5mm Copper Jewelry Wire, Gold
0.3mm Copper Jewelry Wire, Gold
Brass Earring Hooks, Gold Color
Round Nose Plier
Wire Cutter Plier
Flat Plier

materias for making wire heart earrings

Free patterns on making wire heart earrings:

Step1: Cut a couple of 0.5mm copper jewelry wire about 10cm.

cut two 0.5mm copper wire

Step2: Roll the two ends inward with the round nose plier and make it heart shaped with help of flat plier.

make a heart shape

Step3: Cut about 5cm 0.3mm copper wire, and wrap the ends for securing the wire heart. And then cut off the excess part.

wrap the two ends

Step4: The last you should do is to attach the brass earring hook to the wire heart dangle, repeat the above steps, and you will get a pair of heart shaped hoop earrings.

a pair of heat shaped hoop earrings

Have already got the method to make your own shining wire heart earrings? If you enjoy it, just go ahead and make one for yourself!

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