Easy-to-Follow Tutorial on How to Make Lovely Flower Earrings with Wood Beads

Summary: So cute the wood bead earrings are! Follow me and make a pair of flower earrings with wood beads. I bet many girls will love these wood button earrings!

Easy-to-Follow Tutorial on How to Make Lovely Flower Earrings with Wood Beads

In our e-shop, there are many lovely and cheap wood button beads, which can be turned into amazing jewelry. Wanna know how to make flower earrings with wood beads. Keep reading and you’ll gain new pair of economical DIY button earrings.

Supplies for DIY wood button earrings:

Wood Button Beads
0.5mm Brass Wire
Earring Hook

 supplies for DIY wood button earrings

Instructions for handmade flower earrings

Step1: Make the button pendant

1st, cut a length of brass wire, about 10cm long, thread it through the two holes on button, from back to front;
2nd, after 3 or 4 times, stop wrapping at the back location and trim off the excess wire.

 make the button pendant

Step2: Attach on the earring hook

1st, insert an eye pin between the back and wire coils;
2nd, attach on the earring hook at the eye loop of pin with a small jumpring;
3rd, decide the length you want for your dangle to button, then bend the proper pin part into loop with a round nose plier;
4th, remove the excess wire off and squeeze the sharp tip flat and snug at the back.

 attach on the earring hook

Step3: Adorn wood bead earring’s back

1st, cut out two pieces from a felt;
2nd, cover the back side of earring by gluing.
3rd, Set aside and let it dry

 adorn wood bead earring’s back


 handmade flower earrings

Now, you have successfully made the dangling wood bead earrings. They are so cute, right? Additionally, the handmade flower earrings are just a good sample for recycling old baubles into chic adornments. If you love them, create an extra button necklace may be awesome as well.

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