Inspired Jewelry Designs- Making Celtic Knot Earrings with Copper Wire for Women

Summary: Learn how to make Celtic knot earrings with copper wire for women in pandahall learning center.

Inspired Jewelry Designs- Making Celtic Knot Earrings with Copper Wire for Women

I finish off the Celtic knot earring only with copper wires, and the making method is simple and creative. Are you ready? Let’s start the tutorial about how to make Celtic knot jewelry for the women you love.

Materials needed in making Celtic knot earring:

0.8mm Copper Wires
Earring Hooks
Wire Cutter Plier
Round Nose Plier
Flat Plier

materials needed in making celtic knot earring

Tutorial on making Celtic knot earring for women:

Step1, cut 20cm copper wire and twist it into the cross shape as shown.

cut wire and make basic shape of celtic knot earring

Step2, crook the upper working end in the counterclockwise direction for one circle, while the below end in the clockwise direction.

twist the upper wire

Step3, wire wraps one end around the other messily and cut the extra wire, then make a loop of the remaining wire and cut the rest wire.

make wire wrapped loops of celtic knot earring

Step4, cut 5cm copper wire and wrap the two crossed wire on the left bottom, and then repeat to make other three knots as picture shows.

make celtic knots

Step5, hang the wire wrapped Celtic knots pendant to the earring hook.

hang the celtic knot dangles to the earring hooks

The finished Celtic knot earring looks like this:

the finished celtic knot earrings

After learning the method of making Celtic knot earring, you can also make much other Celtic knot jewelry. Have a try and show your crafts.

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