Mothers’ Day Gift- Making a Tree of Life Pendant Necklace with Wire and Bead

Summary: Mothers’ Day is around the corner, have you got the gift for your mom? This tutorial will tell you how to make a tree pendant necklace with wire and beads for your mom.

Mothers’ Day Gift- Making a Tree of Life Pendant Necklace with Wire and Bead

The tree of life pendant is the highlight of the necklace. And there’s no specific ways in making the branches, so you can wrap the wires as you like. Keep on reading and make a charm tree necklace for mom.

Materials needed in making tree of life pendant for necklace:

2mm Aluminum Wires
0.5mm Copper Wires
3mm Acrylic Beads
Wire Cutter Plier
Round Nose Plier
Flat Plier

materials needed in making tree of life pendant for necklace

Instructions on handmade family tree necklace:

Step1: Make the frame of the pendant

1st, cut 15cm alumina wire and make it into the shape as picture shows;
2nd, wire wraps one working end around the other to fix the frame, and make a loop of the other end, finally cut the extra wires.

make the frame of the tree of life pendant

Step2: Make wire wrapped tree

1st, cut 15cm copper wire and wrap one end around the border-bottom of the frame;
2nd, bend the copper wire at one thirds point away from the border-bottom of the frame and slide four beads onto the wire;
3rd, wrap the end around the frame, and then cut the remaining wires;
4th, repeat the above 1st, 2nd and 3rd steps to make other three tree branches. While making branches you can add more beads to the wire and make branches to the shape you like. Remembering that the massy the branches are, the better the results display;
5th, cut a 20cm wire and wrap it around the border- frame, then twine it around the trunk for one circle and continue wind the wire around the top border for two circle;
6th, bead four acrylic beads onto it then unroll round the branch and be sure that the beads displayed separately;
7th, go on string 5 acrylic beads onto the wire and wrap it round the border, finally cut the rest wires;
8th, Repeat the 5th and 6th to make two more branches, and add some beads as you like;
9th, cut a 5cm copper wire and wrap it around the tree trunk.

make wire wrapped tree of life pendant

Step3: Complete the charm tree necklace

1st, hang the handmade family tree pendant to the middle of the chains.

complete the charm tree pendant


A tree of life pendant necklace has been done. While making this charm tree necklace you can give full play to your handcraft talents, even you are a green hand. So have a try and make a family tree necklace for your mom.

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