Easy Tutorial on Making Crystal Bead Charm Bracelet for Women

Summary: Spring is finally here and will the Mother’s Day still be far behind? It's a good idea to making a vigorous crystal charm bracelet to express your gratefulness and love to your mom.

Easy Tutorial on Making Crystal Bead Charm Bracelet for Women

This beaded crystal charm bracelet is quite easy to make, firstly we just need string beads to make stretched bracelet, then make crystal charms for it, finally attach the crysatal charms to the beaded bracelet, quite easy,isn't it?  Now let's get down to it!

Material need for making crystal charm bracelet:

Vivid-colored Round Glass Bead
Drop Glass Bead
Elastic Cord
Round Nose Plier
Side Cutting Plier

material for make crystal charm bracelet

How to make crystal bead charm bracelet?

Step1: Make the decorative charm bead charms

1st, slide the drop glass bead onto matching headpin;
2nd, loop at the location close to the bead top. Wrap the excess pin tail around the neck.

making crystal charms

3rd, change the combination of other bead for the dangling charms.

all the crystal charms are prepared

Step2: String crystal beads and charms

Cut a long elastic cord, then thread on the well-prepared beads and charms on the cord one after one.

string crystal beads and charms

Step3: Make a closure

Tie a surgical knot with two cord ends.

make a clousure for crystal charm bracelet

Pull the cords tautly and then tuck the knot at adjacent 3 or 4 beads. Trim off the extra cord part and this is your personalized mom jewelry.

crystal charm bead bracelet is made

This highly-customizable crystal charm bracelet is finished. The options for building bracelets with charms for women are always endless and boundless. Just collect your charms and design one such piece as personalized mom jewelry gift. That may be suitable for any style and outfit types.

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