Simple Tutorial on Making a Beautiful Treble Clef Ring for Girls

Summary: This simple tutorial will tell you how to make a beautiful treble clef ring with wire. If you are a music lover, you should make a music note wire ring for yourself.

Simple Tutorial on Making a Beautiful Treble Clef Ring for Girls

Aluminum wire is the main material in making music note wire ring, and it’s easy to get. So learn the details from the following instruction and make a pretty ring for you.

Supplies needed in making treble clef ring:

1.5mm Aluminum Wire
Wire Cutter
Round Nose Plier

supplies needed in making trebel clef ring

How to make a treble clef wire ring?

Step1: Cut 12cm alumina wire and roll one end inward as picture shows.

cut wire preparing for making treble clef ring

Step2: Position the rolled end on a cylinder objects that size similar to your finger, then wrap the wire around the object once.

make the circle of treble clef ring

Step3: Wrap the wire inward to the circle from the overlapped place as picture shows, and then roll the end inward to finish the music note.

make the music note of treble clef ring


the finished treble clef ring

A treble clef wire ring has been done. The methods are so easy, am I right? Don’t hesitate and make a pretty music note wire ring for yourself or your best friend.

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