Free Bead Necklace Patterns- Making Black Fringe Necklace with Bugle Beads

Summary: Today I am going to show you a tutorial on making an icy black fringe necklace with bugle beads. Come and follow me!

Free Bead Necklace Patterns- Making Black Fringe Necklace with Bugle Beads

This bugle bead necklace pattern adds the perfect dose of drama to any cocktail party outfit. Wear it with a plunging neckline or a high-collar for varying visual effects. Hope you like it!

Materials needed in making this bugle bead necklace:

Black Glass Bugle beads
Iron Twist Chains
Lobster Clasp
Elastic Fibre Wire
Round Nose Plier
Wire Cutter Plier
Side Cutting Plier

materials for making this bugle bead necklace

How to make this black bugle bead necklace?

Step1: Make chains body

1st, prepare two pieces of chain, a 10cm and 24cm chain, so you have equal amount of chain from the 24cm segment on either side of the 7cm chain;
2nd, Cut approx. 8cm wire, thread wire through the first link on the 10cm chain and the corresponding link from the 24cm chain, tie a triple knot, lashing the chains together, cut off extra wire ;
3rd,do the same as 2nd in step1 with the other side of the 10cm chain;
4th, add a lobster to the chains.

Make chains body

Step2: Make the bugle beads dangles

1st, thread a headpin through a bugle bead, make a loop with round nose plier, then cut off extra wire;
2nd, do the same as 1st in step2 to make all needed bugle beads dangles.

make the bugle beads dangles

Step3: Attach bugle beads dangles to the chains

1st, open the first link on the 10cm chain, hang 1 bugle bead dangle to it, then close it;
2nd, do the same with 1st in step3, there should be 1 bugle bead dangle on every link of the 10cm chain.

attach bugle beads dangles to the chains


a brand new bugle bead necklace

Cheers! We have finished this black bugle bead fringe necklace! Simple but gorgeous! Right? If you like this glass bead necklace design, please stay focus on my following articles!

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