Easy Tutorial on Making Long Crystal Earrings with Beads

Summary: Do you like crystal earrings? This easy tutorial is going to tell you how to make long crystal earrings with beads. Hope you will like it.

Easy Tutorial on Making Long Crystal Earrings with Beads

Tiger tail, acrylic beads, seed beads, electroplate beads, earring hooks and bead tips are the materials needed in making this beaded crystal earring. Let’s follow this tutorial to learn how to handmade beaded jewelries with those simple materials.

Materials needed in making beaded crystal earrings:

0.38mm Tiger Tails
6mm Transparent Acrylic Beads
2mm Seed Beads
Electroplate Beads
Earring Hooks
Iron Bead Tips
Wire Cutter Plier
Flat Plier

materials neede in making beaded crystal earrings

How to make long beaded crystal earrings?

Step1: Cut tails preparing for threading

1st, cut 20cm tiger tail and fold in half;
2nd, slide an electroplate bead onto the middle.

cut tails preparing for threading crystal earrings

Step2: Start beading the main part of the long beaded crystal earring

1st, cross both working ends through a seed bead, and then string a seed bead to each working ends, finally stagger both working ends through another seed bead and pull tails tight;
2nd, thread an acrylic bead and 4 seed beads onto the left tail, and then back through the tail to the first seed bead as picture shows;
3rd, do the same as the 2nd on the right tail;
4th, bead an acrylic bead onto both tails, and then repeat the 1st once;
5th, repeat the 2nd, 3rd and 4th twice.

start beading the main part of the long beaded crystal earrings

Step3: Complete the long beaded crystal earring

1st, thread both tails through a bead tip, make an overhand knot, then crash the bead tip, be sure the knot is covered by the bead tip, finally cut the extra tails;
2nd, hang the beaded part to the earring hooks.

complete the long beaded crystal earrings


the finished long beaded crystal earrings

The long beaded crystal earring has been finished. Have you got the method? Now start DIY your own crystal earrings and show your jewelry.

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