Key Chain Design- Make Beetle Key Chain with Seed Beads

Summary: Today I would like to show you a tutorial on how to make a beaded key chain! Easy to follow!

Key Chain Design- Make Beetle Key Chain with Seed Beads

In making this cute beaded beetle keychain, you only need to pay attention to the match of the beads’ color, the main work is to bead the beetle. It is much meaningful to own a handmade one than purchase it in stores, so take up your tools and follow me!

Supplies needed in making this beetle key chain:

4mm Black Round Seed Beads
4mm Red Round Seed Beads
0.3mm Copper Wire
Key Chain
Side Cutting Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Wire Cutter Pliers

materials for making this cute beetle keychain

How to make a beaded beetle key chain?

Step1: Make beetle's head

1st, prepare length of 50cm cooper wire, slide 2 black beads onto it, cross wires ends through 3 seed beads;
2nd, here,the right wire is the working line,slide 4 black seed beads onto wire, thread wire ends through the 3 seed beads on the former line,thread wire back through the 4 black seed beads;
3rd, slide 5 red seed beads onto the wire, thread wire ends through the 4 black seed beads, retrace the wire through the 5 red seed beads ;
4th, slide beads onto wire as picture shows, thread wire back through 5 red seed beads;

make beetle’s head

Step2: Make beetle's body

1st, slide beads as picture shows;
2nd, thread both wires ends to its neighboring line for tightening, and cut off extra wire.

make beetle’s body

Step3: Finish making the beaded beetle keychain

Connect the beaded beetle and key chain with a jumpring.

finish making the beaded beetle keychain


a cute beaded beetle keychain

Cheers! We have finished this lovely beetle key chain! Do you like it? If you like this key chain design, please stay focus on my following articles! Have a nice try!

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