Free Instructions on Making Byzantine Chainmail Bracelet with Pearl Beads and Silver Jump Rings

Summary: This tutorial tells you how to make byzantine chainmail bracelet with glass pearl beads and silver jump rings. Hope you will like this free instruction on chainmail jewelry making.

Free Instructions on Making Byzantine Chainmail Bracelet with Pearl Beads and Silver Jump Rings

Have you known chainmail technique before? This byzantine chainmail bracelet may be a new style for you, now if you’re in, follow me to learn this byzantine chainmail pattern.

Materials needed in making chainmail bracelet:

0.6mm Glass Pearl Bead
Pandahall Elite Mixed Jump Rings
Lobster Claps
Eye Pins
Wire Cutter Plier
Flat Plier
Beadthoven Round Nose Plier

materials needed in making byzantine chainmail bracelet

Instructions on making chainmail bracelet:

Step1: Make the fundamental sets

1st, slide an eye pin through a glass pearl bead and make a loop with the round nose plier on the other end. Making this chainmail bracelet for me needs 10 beads findings; you can make two more for backup;
2nd, connect two 10mm jump rings to the beads finding by opening and closing both loops of beads finding as picture shows. Repeat to make another 9 fundamental sets.

make the fundamental sets of byzantine chainmail bracelet

Step2: Make chainmail of the bracelet

1st, add a 6mm jump ring onto each side of the fundamental set, then repeat to make another one as shown;
2nd, insert a 6mm jump ring through jump ring 1、2、3 and 4, and insert another one on the below;
3rd, repeat the 1st and 2nd to make long chainmail and be sure it is a little shorter than your wrist size.

make chainmail of the bracelet

Step3: Finish the byzantine chainmail bracelet

1st, hang four 6mm jump rings to two same jump rings and divide them into pairs, then repeat to make another short chain as picture shows;   
2nd, link the short chains to both ends of the longer chain;
3rd, add the lobster clap to the chainmail bracelet.

finish the byzantine chainmail bracelet


the well done byzantine chainmail bracelet

A beautiful byzantine chainmail bracelet has been done. I guess you have learnt how to make the bracelet from the byzantine chainmail patterns. Display your craft and share with us!

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