How to Make a Lovely Bow Hair Comb with Ribbons for Girls

Summary: This tutorial is going to tell you how to make a bow hair comb with ribbons for girls. Keep an eye on it!

How to Make a Lovely Bow Hair Comb with Ribbons for Girls

Today I would like to introduce a new pattern for you, that is, a ribbon bow hair comb. I do this pattern with two kinds of ribbons and an iron hair comb. So in the following you will learn how easy to make a bow hair comb for girls.

Supplies needed in making bow hair comb:

Iron Hair Comb
15mm Satin Ribbon
25mm Organza Ribbon
Sewing Thread

supplies needed in making bow hair comb

Tutorials on making lovely bow hair comb with ribbons:

Step1: Twine the ribbons onto the comb

1st, cut 10cm satin ribbon and 10cm organza ribbon, then make a fast knot with two ribbons on one end;
2nd, slip the blue satin ribbon into the space between the first and second comb teeth, and then wrap it into every other space till the end;
3rd, start wrapping the organza ribbon from the second space, and then wraps it into every other space;
4th, tie a fast knot on the end and cut the extra ribbons and trim off both ends with the lighter.

twine the ribbons onto the comb

Step2: Make a ribbon bowknot

1st, cut 8cm satin ribbon, fold the two ends towards center and sew up the ends;
2nd, cut another 8cm organza ribbon, fold it as the picture shows and closing the ends, be sure the sewed organza ribbon is shorter than the satin ribbon;
3rd, lay the organza strip on the satin strip, pick up another blue satin ribbon to secure two ribbons  strip for making the bow, finally securing it by sewing or glue as you like;
4th, cut the extra ribbon and melt the ends carefully.

make a ribbon bowknot

Step3: Finish the ribbon bow hair comb

1st, stitch the ribbon bowknot to the ribbon wrapped comb.

finish the ribbon bow hair comb


the finished ribbon bow hair comb

A lovely ribbon bow hair comb has been done! Do you love it? Have a try and share your result with us!

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