Step-by-Step Patterns on Making Fish-like Wire Earrings

Summary: Today I’m going to tell you how to make wire earrings step by step. If you are fond of wire earring patterns, come and follow me!

Step-by-Step Patterns on Making Fish-like Wire Earrings

Do you like DIY some aluminum wire earrings? It is quite interesting in making some wire earring patterns. Here is a detailed tutorial on making wire earrings with glass bead dangles. Hope you enjoy it!

Supplies needed in making earrings with wires and beads:

10mm Deep Sky-blue Glass Beads
8mm Medium Blue Glass Beads
6mm Deep Sky-blue Glass Beads
6mm Light Green Glass Beads
6mm Khaki Glass Beads
6mm Red Glass Beads
1.5cm Dodger Blue Aluminum Wire
Earring Hooks
Side Cutting Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Wire Cutter Pliers

materials foe making this aluminum wire earrings

Instructions on making wire earrings with glass beads:

Step1: Make earrings hoops

1st, prepare length of 20cm wire, make a loop with mandrel;
2nd, at a distance of 1cm from the first loop, make a small loop with round nose plier, then make another one as picture shows ;
3rd, do the same as 2nd in step1 on the other wire;
4th, make a smaller loop at  wires ends with round nose plier, you will get patterns like picture shows;
5th, connect the 2 small loops with a jumpring;

make earrings hoops
6th, repeat 1-5 in step1 to make another earring hoop.

Step 2: Make earring dangles

1st, slide 1 bead to the headpin ,then make a loop with round nose plier, cut off extra wire;

make earring dangles
2nd, do the same to finish other bead dangles.

finish other bead dangles

Step3:Finish this aluminum wire earrings

1st, add 3 8mm deep sky-blue bead dangles to the edge loops with a jumping;
2nd, add 2 4mm lightgreen bead dangles, 2 4mm red bead dangles,1 4mm Khaki dangle,1 4mm deep sky-blue dangle to the joint jumpring;
3rd, hang a 10mm sky-blue bead dangle to the crossover of the 2 wires with a jumpring;
4th, attach earrings hooks to the earring body.

finish this aluminum wire earrings


a brand new wire earrings

Cheers! We have finished this pair of wire earring with glass bead dangles! Do you like this wire earring design? If you like my tutorial, please stay focus on my following articles! Have a nice try!

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