How to Make a Beaded French Hair Barrette for Valentine’s Day

Summary: Wanna design a meaningful but affordable Valentine’s Day gift? Read this tutorial, you will learn how to make an easy valentine hair barrettes.

How to Make a Beaded French Hair Barrette for Valentine’s Day

Getting tired of the flowers, chocolates, and cards in every Valentine’s Day? Here’s a unique and affordable valentine idea for you. By making a Valentine hair barrette for her, you could make a huge difference! It’s not how much money you spend on this holiday, but it’s the thought and care that counts. Come on! Let’s make this beaded French barrette to express your love on this romantic holiday.

Materials needed for this beaded French hair barrette:

Assorted Beads and Charms
Sewing Thread
Fabric (or old sheet)
Hot Melt Glue Gun
Hair Barrette Findings

materials needed for making this beaded French hair barrette

How to make this beaded French hair barrette?

Step1: choose pink colored jewelry beads and fabric.

Step2: start making beaded French hair barrette

1st, cut out a fabric stripe, about 2cm longer and 3 times wider than your hair clip finding;
2nd, find the point of Trisection on stripe and fold it as picture show;
3rd, bend the staring position and sewing on the first bead with needle;
4th, attach the fabric strand onto the hole on hair clip finding;
5th, back to adding on the other beads, just arrange them in the method you wanna;
6th, when the beaded portion reaches an ideal length, apply on the glue on back and then press lightly to help bonding. And, after the two parts assembling together well, anchor the ending by sewing with the other hole on hair clip finding.

start making beaded French hair barrette


finish making beaded French hair barrette

So lovely beaded French barrette, isn’t it? Through gathering various pink beads together on one hair ornament, it becomes so coquettish and feminine. I promise no women can resist its peculiar sense. Now just grab a new way to release your inner sentiment for her by following this affordable valentine idea!

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