Wedding Jewelry Idea-Making Pure Pearl Bracelet with Charms

Summary: Today I’m gonna to demonstrate you a tutorial on how to make pearl beaded bracelets with charms. Would you be interested? Come and follow me!

Wedding Jewelry Idea-Making Pure Pearl Bracelet with Charms

Girls love charm bracelets, and I’m no exception. However, as a crafter, I prefer to make my own pearl bracelets with charms rather than get them in a store. And this pearl bead bracelet patterns will tell you how to make a gorgeous pearl bracelet!

Materials needed in making beaded bracelets with charms:

6mm Pearl Beads
Twist Chains
Pumpkin Brass Pendants
Skull Tibetan Style Pendants
Butterfly Tibetan Style Pendants
Moon Shaped Links
Oval Alloy Chains
Round Nose Plier
Wire Cutter Plier
Side Cutting Plier

materials for making pure pearl bracelet with charms

Instructions on making this wedding pearl bead bracelet:

Step 1: Make beaded links

1st, string 1 bead onto the eyepin, make a loop with round nose plier, then cut off the extra wire;

make bead links
2nd, do the same to make another 9 ones.

finish making 10 bead links

Step 2: Make pearl chain

1st, open the loops and connect pearl links, 5 in a line;

connect pearl links
2nd, connect the 2 line with an oval links.

connect the 2 line with an oval links

Step3: Finish the pearl bead bracelet

1st, add chains and charms (at your will) to the pearl beads line;
2nd, attach a lobster clasp to the pearl bead bracelet.

finish the pearl bead bracelet


new pearl bead bracelet with charms

Cheers! We have finished this bling wedding pearl bracelet! Gorgeous! Right? Do you want to have your unique wedding pearl bracelet? Have a nice try!

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