How to Make Russian Leaf Dangle Earrings with Beads and Wire

Summary: Do you want to make earrings for gifts? This tutorial will show you how to make Russian leaf dangle earrings with beads and wire.You can make it for your mom, girl friends or youself.

How to Make Russian Leaf Dangle Earrings with Beads and Wire

Brown copper wire and orange electroplate glass beads are chosen to make the leaf dangle earring. Reading this tutorial to learn the methods of making a beautiful Russian leaf dangle earring.

Materials needed in making Russian leaf dangle earring:

0.8mm Copper Wires
0.5mm Copper Wires
Earring Hooks
Electroplate Glass Beads
Round Nose Pliers
Wire Cutter Pliers
Flat Pliers

materials needed in making russian leaf dangle earrings

How to make Russian leaf dangle earring?

Step 1: Make beads findings

1st, cut 15cm 0.5mm copper wire and fold it;
2nd, slide a bead to middle and twist two wires;
3rd, string another bead to one wire, then twist the wires;
4th, continue to slide another two beads separately and twine the wires as the picture shows.

make beads findings of russian leaf dangle earring

Step2: Make the outside frame of leaf

1st, cut 10cm 0.8mm copper wires and make a leaf shaped frame;
2nd, wrap the wire to the other wire to fix the frame and make a loop with the wrapped wire.

make the outside frame of leaf

Step3: Finish the Russian leaf earring

1st, attach the beads findings to the root of the leaf by wire wrapping;
2nd, connect the whole leaf to the earrings hook.

finish the russian leaf earring

The finished Russian leaf looks like this:

the complete russian leaf dangle earring

Now I have finished the Russian leaf dangle earrings tutorial. You see the process is very simple and materials are easy to get. Don’t you think the Russian leaf dangle earring is vivid? So, start working for your own earrings.

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