How to Make a Unique Wire Wrapped Flower Headband for Spring with Acrylic Beads

Summary: Love this wire wrapped headband? Then join us and make a flowery headband for the blossoming spring! Only three easy steps required!

How to Make a Unique Wire Wrapped Flower Headband for Spring with Acrylic Beads

Craft yourself a wonderful, flowery headband with lovely colors and fantastic shapes!You can wear it as a hairband, a diadem, jewelry on your forehead or even as a big necklace. This wire wrapped headband is so bright - you will love it! Let’s see how to how to make the flower headband !

Materials for making flower headbands

Colored acrylic flowers and leafs
4pcs of 1m Brass Wire, red purple color
2pcs of 40cm Satin Ribbon, light purple color
1pcs of 40cm Aluminium Wire, purple color
Side Cutting Plier
Round Nose Plier

 materials for making flower headbands

Instructions on how to make a flower headband

Step1: Bend the wire into the shape showed below

1st, start bending the aluminium wire into the shape shown on the picture, the size of it should fit the top of your head well;
2nd, end about 5 centimiters above each ear, adjust the shape to the roundness of your head;
3rd, now form a spiral on each end with the round nose plier.

 bend the wire

Step2: Wrap acrylic flowers and leafs onto the wire

1st, start wrapping the brass wire around the aluminium wire as you can see on the picture;
2nd, string some flowers on the brass wire , pull the wire back through the flowers, leave a little loop inside the flower, twist the loop and create the inside of the flower,this will look gorgeous and fix the flowers in place;
3rd, go on like this and place many flowers to the aluminium wire as you desire.

 wrap acrylic flowers and leafs onto the wire

Step3: Add ribbon onto the wire

After placing all flowers just tie one satin ribbon to each side of the aluminium wire. Well done!

 add ribbon onto the wire

Wonderful! Here is your perfect unique flower headband! You can wear it with open hair, or a beautiful updo. It’s a really playful and romantic way to welcome spring and blossoming nature by wearing this wire wrapped headban!

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