How to Make a Five-strand Wire Twisted Bracelet with Gorgeous Glass Beads

Summary: Have you ever made 5-strand bracelet with colorful beads? Here, I’m gonna show you how to make a five strand bracelet with gorgeous glass beads by wire twisting.

How to Make a Five-strand Wire Twisted Bracelet with Gorgeous Glass Beads

This 5-strand bracelet will be your favourite everyday-jewelry piece. It’s colorful and fashionable. It fits almost every style and every color and has a really eye-catching appearance. And the best to it: You can use all different beads! Leftovers, unique beads, favourite beads – it will give it a really unique look. Let’s see how to make this five strand wire twisted bracelet.

Materials for making 5-strand wire twisted bracelet:

1) Several different shaped and colored glass beads
2) 10pcs. 60cm Brass Wire, silver color
3) 1pc. Lobster Claw Clasp, silver color
4) 2pcs. Jumprings, silver color

Materials for making 5-strand wire twisted bracelet

Tools for making 5-strand wire twisted bracelet:

Flat Nose Plier
Round Nose Plier
Side Cutting Plier

Tools for making 5-strand wire twisted bracelet

Instructions on making 5-strand wire twisted bracelet:

Step 1: Prepare the 5 wire strands

1st, grab all ten brass wire pieces together and fold them. One half should be about 25 centimeters long and the other about 35 centimeters (The longer side is used afterwards to twist it around the beads);
2nd, form a loop as you can see on pic 3 and split ten of the wire strands in two each.

prepare the 5 wire strands

Step 2: now wrap two of the before twisted (longer) wire strands around each two before seperated (shorter) wire strands until you’ve got what you can see on  pic 4.

wrap longer and shorter wire strands

Step 3: String beads on each 5 wire strands

1st, start stringing the first bead onto the two wires of the first wire strand. Let two of the wires go past the bead and twist it about thrice around the wire after the bead( pic 5 );
2nd, string the next bead and go on like before, until all five strands are finished and filled with beads;
3rd, make sure to leave at least five centimeters of the wires at the end;
4th, now just form a loop like you did before and twist the ends. Cut the ends of the wires with the side cutting plier if required, fix them well and hide them inside the twist;
5th, the final step is to put one jumpring with the lobster claw clasp on it to one end of the bracelet and one jumpring to the other end of it by using the flat- and round nose plier.

string beads on each 5 wire strands


finished 5-strand wire twisted bracelet

Great! You’re done! You crafted a beautiful, modern 5-strand wire twisted bracelet with gorgeous glass beads! Let your personality slip into your work - love wearing it every day.

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