How to Make Easy Friendship String Bracelet for Beginners

Summary: How to make easy friendship bracelets for beginners? In this tutorial, with inches of thread and 3 beads, you can make a simple friendship string bracelet within 20 minutes!

How to Make Easy Friendship String Bracelet for Beginners

Looking something special to send to your friends? An easy friendship string bracelet should be a wonderful choice! Colorful strings can be available everywhere in your local or on internet. As for beads, you can reuse some from your old jewelry piece. Got everything ready? Let’s see how to finish the easy friendship bracelet.

Materials for making easy friendship bracelet:

Nylon thread
Acrylic beads

materials for making easy friendship bracelet

Instructions on making easy friendship bracelet:

Step1: prepare necessary strings.

Cut 6 strands of nylon thread, each strand should be approximately 25cm long.

Step2: add strings on selected beads:

1st, thread the chosen beads onto the center of cords;
2nd, wrap around two shorter thread strands in different color, about 3~4cm long beside the central beads, and glue down both starting and ending positions;
3th, wrap the third color string in same way, about 1.5~3cm long. Ensure the three colors display as the picture showcase.

add strings one selected beads

Step3: make 3-strand-braid on the rest bracelet part, until it reaches your wanted wrist length.

make 3-strand-braid

Step4: design the endings:

1st, cut 6 threads of 15cm in length (main color). Lay under the rest unbraided ends and then tie a fasten knot as picture showed;
2nd, wrap around another two layers string next to the knot in same way when anchor the central beads;
3th, do same to another ending.

design the endings


finished easy friendship bracelet

OK, we’ve have the easy friendship string bracelet done! Is it fantastic? You can teach your kids to make this. Hope you’ll enjoy crafting with them!

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