How to Make Custom Leather Bracelets with Acrylic Beads and Wood Beads

Summary: In this tutorial of how to make leather beaded bracelets, you can gain a technique of adjustable bracelet knots which can be applied in many leather and bead bracelets designs.

How to Make Custom Leather Bracelets with Acrylic Beads and Wood Beads

Like this custom leather bracelet design? You just need to master the adjustable bracelet knotting technique, also called sliding knots. The materials are simple as you can see. Follow me and DIY a leather and bead bracelet with only 10 minutes!

Materials needed in DIY a leather and bead bracelet

Leather cord
Antique Silver Acrylic Beads
Wood beads in various styles

Instructions on how to make leather beaded bracelets

Step 1: Add beads onto leather cord

1st, snip a strand of leather cord measuring twice of your wrist size;
2nd, thread beads one by one on your designed cord.

 add beads onto leather cord

Step 2: Make sliding knots

1st, take both strands of one side and wrap it around the other strands of the other side at least 3 times;
2nd, bring the end of the 2 strands of one side through the tunnel;
3rd , knot the two (now four after folding them) strands of cord to each other, take the end of the two strands of one side that is wrapped around and lead it through that tunnel;
4th, now pull it tight, remember don't use your lion strength;
5th, repeat above steps on the other side - (about 4 strands in a cute little knot);

 make sliding knots

Step 3: Finalize the custom leather bracelet

1st, pull it gently on each side to ensure your knots are not too tight and the sliding knot leather
bracelet can in fact slide;
2nd, cut off the excess ends.


 final custom leather bracelet

Till now the tutorial of leather beaded bracelets is finished. Have you learnt this useful skill of adjustable bracelet knots? If so, try some more difficult and different one of your own.

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