Easy Tutorial on How to Make a Cool Hemp Bracelet for Men with Tibetan Beads

Summary: This tutorial of making hemp bracelet will guide you to make a cool gift for your boyfriend. Now let’s see how to DIY hemp bracelets for men within 15 minutes!

Easy Tutorial on How to Make a Cool Hemp Bracelet for Men with Tibetan Beads

You may have seen some cool hemp bracelet patterns in shops. But DIY one by yourself will be meaningful. This DIY hemp bracelet is rather easy: only few materials and a knotting technique used. It is a good chance for beginners to follow!

Materials needed in DIY hemp bracelets for men

Hemp cord
Tibetan style bead
Heart pendant

 materials needed in DIY hemp bracelets

How to make cool hemp bracelets?

Step1: Prepare two hemp strips to start

1st, cut two hemp strips: one about 100cm long and another about 40cm;
2nd, fold your hemp twines in half and tie an overhand knot at 2 or 3cm long from the folded locations;
3rd, arrange your ends: make the two short strands on the inside as main holding ends and the longer ones on outside as working ends.

 cut two hemp strips

Step2: Make square knots to shape the bracelet

1st, grab the two working ends and start to make patterns consist of square knots;
2nd, after working 5 square knots, slide one Tibetan style bead of your choice onto central holding ends;
3rd, repeat the square knots over and over again.

 make square knots

Step3: Cease the hemp bracelet

1st, in the center of your bracelet, hang on a heart shape pendant, to the rest part, make a mirror pattern;
2nd, tie an overhand knot at end, trim off excess hemp and secure with drops of craft glue.


 end the hemp bracelet

Besides hemp bracelet, you can make it into necklace, belt ... out of hemp twine. While learning how to make hemp bracelets, rub few beeswax along with hemp twine before starting. It helps keep the knots on your bracelet be tight and avoid the bracelet from getting soiled. Besides, tie a knot as ending, you can try the bigger beads which would pass the reserved loop at beginning. Just enjoy it!

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