Personalized Valentine's day Gifts- How to Make Stretch Charm Bracelets with Beads

Summary: This “How to make stretch bracelets with beads” is a simple tutorial for every new comers in jewelry making world; choice instructions and clear pictures help you to create personalized valentines day gifts.

Such kind of tutorial was probably made last year, but it may be named how to make bracelets for beginners”, rather than “how to make stretch bracelets with beads”; although this project might be similar to the previous one, it centers much on the way to transfer simple bracelets into personalized valentines day gifts.

The materials and tools:

8mm Amethyst beads 

8mm green glass beads 

6mm violet stone beads 

10mm purple Mashan jade beads

Zinc alloy European hanger 

Tibetan style pendants 

0.5mm crystal thread

Jump rings

Round nose plier 

Plain nose plier


The full instructions:

Step 1: attach pendant to hanger

Split one jump ring, slide a hanger and a pendant and close the jump ring;

In the same way handle the rest;

Step 2: slide all beads onto thread

Snip 20-30cm crystal thread;

slide glass beads, gemstone beads and hangers on one by one, as per you desired pattern.

Step 3: do the surgical knot to end the bracelet

Cross 2 strands (left is over right), wrap the left one around right several times and tighten the thread; repeat and make another surgical knot, then cut off excess thread.

Till here, the project of how to make stretch bracelets with beads is over. Stretch bracelets are almost suitable for every kind of wearers; in addition, they are extremely easy to make and able to reveal personal design ideas, they are undoubtedly personalized valentines day gifts

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