DIY Organza Ribbon Bow Earrings within 5 Minutes

Summary: An extremely beautiful handmade ribbon bow earrings for very beginners of jewelry making! Click to this post, tell you detailed way about how to make ribbon earrings.

DIY Organza Ribbon Bow Earrings within 5 Minutes

There must be many unused hats, dress and jewelry in your wardrobe and drawer; that’s it! You have gotten a lot of materials for this handmade ribbon earrings project. Tear the ribbon part from old-fashioned skirt and add earring hooks, then you will up-cycle a pair of novel ribbon bow earrings.

Materials for handmade ribbon bow:

Ribbons in light purple and orange colors
Gold sewing thread
Earring hooks

materials for handmade ribbon bow

Instructions on DIY Organza Ribbon Bow Earrings:

Step 1: Prepare ribbon pieces

1st, cut two 5cm length of orange ribbon straps;
2nd, fold each one in half, add glue to stick two ends together;
3rd, apply the same way onto light purple ribbon and make a similar one.

prepare ribbon pieces

Step 2: Make half ribbon bows

1st, squeeze glue onto orange piece;
2nd, adhere it to light purple one and wrap thread around the folded ends

make half ribbon bows

Step 3: Finalize the ribbon earrings

Sew half ribbon bow to earring hook and repeat to make another one.

finalize the ribbon earrings


handmade ribbon bow earrings is done

So far the handmade ribbon bow earrings is finished. If your recycled materials are not available, purchase some from craft stores, which will cost just a few dollars. Then with the simple materials, a pair of beautiful half ribbon bow earrings will be created by you!

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