Redesign Jewelry Idea - How to Make a Summer Beaded Chain Necklace with Fabric

Summary: I’m excited to share an advanced DIY chain and bead necklace project here.Check this wonderful summer necklace and you will find it is a great redesign jewelry idea!

Redesign Jewelry Idea - How to Make a Summer Beaded Chain Necklace with Fabric

The highlight in this DIY summer necklace is that it is just an updating process of an old jewelry piece. And you need no tools to assemble. Pick a shining bright-colored fabric and make the old jewelry a fresh chain and bead necklace - summer palette! It can be a new trendy type of your homemade mother’s day presents!

Supplies needed in DIY summer necklace:

golden brass chain
recycled fabric strip
Jade glass beads, or old necklace

How to make a beaded chain necklace ?

Step1: Separate old necklace and wrap chain onto it

1st, choose a type of long chain necklace is the best. Open the connective jumpring and remove the lobster clasp, then you can get the part you need;
2nd,now wrap the golden chain along the whole yellow separated bead necklace to update into a new look as showed below.

 wrap chain onto the yellow bead necklace

Step2: Adorn the necklace with recycled fabric

1st, take a piece of fabric strip, about 3~4cm wide, feed one tip through one end of the focal portion, stop when two ends of fabric gets equal;
2nd, loop the two ends together through other side of focal part.

adorn the necklace with recycled fabric

Step3: Finish the stunning summer necklace by tying a pretty bow knot. Tada!

final chain and bead necklace

Thank you for joining me here with the tutorial on how to make a beaded chain necklace. I will wear it to play at seaside! Hope you can be inspired to redesign jewelry lying at the bottom of your jewelry box into fashion ones. Try to make your own style summer necklace!

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