How to make button jewelry necklace- jewelry tutorials free of cliché

Summary: The “how to make button jewelry necklace” is one of our jewelry tutorials free of regularity and cliché; this is an innovative way to make necklace jewelry.

Probably there are a stack of buttons beads laid idle in your craft box? If so, you might as well browse this tutorial “how to make button jewelry necklace”; button necklace gets really trendy this while, and the related jewelry tutorials free of charge are listed on our web.

The materials and tools:

Shell buttons

Brass twist chain

Eye pins

Jump rings

Lobster claw

Round nose plier

Wire cutter

The instructions start:
Step 1: prepare eye pin units
1st, thread a button bead onto an eye pin, and bend the pin into square angle;
2nd, wrap and shape the pin as a clip to secure the bead;
3rd, cut off excess part.
Step 2: arrange and attach units to chain
Arrange the order of eye pin units as you desire; then attach them onto the links where you want them to stay;
Step 3: add clasp onto end
Attach lobster clasp to one end of chain with a jump ring.
So far the tutorial of how to make button jewelry necklace is done! If you want the jewelry to appear more excellent, I suggest you to spirally wrap eye pin units with gold brass wire. Thanks to enjoy our jewelry tutorials free of charge and cliché.

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