Instructions on Making a Nifty Multi Strand Necklace with Fabric and Chains

Summary: This sparkling DIY gold chain necklace can be a great gift for woman on holidays! Let’s see how to make a multi strand necklace. It is simple and funny!

Instructions on Making a Nifty Multi Strand Necklace with Fabric and Chains

DIY such a multi strand chain necklace is a great Women’s Day Gift Idea, isn’t it? In this warm spring season, I mixed up all favor elements and turn them into a fresh DIY gold chain necklace for my mom. Now check how to make a multi strand necklace!

Materials required in DIY gold chain necklace:

Recycled Fabric strip
Flat Nose Plier
Round Nose Plier

materials for DIY gold chain necklace

How to make a multi strand chain necklace for women?

Step1: Connect two chains

1st, open the first and last link on one chain strip, and then hook on the two links of other strand, the length for two chains depends on your individual’s demand for entire necklace;
2nd, keep the chunky one shorter than the thin one, close the links and this will form a complete circle.

connect two chains

Step2: Adorn the thin chain

1st, take your prepared fabric strip and weave it through the links of chain;
2nd, after finished all links, cut three strands of yarn, thread them up and down through the chain in same method.

adorn thin chain

Step3: Glue and remove excesses

1st, now fold the excess fabric and yarn, reserve 1cm part to stick with glue;
2nd, after drying, remove the extra portions.

remove the excesses and glue


DIY multi strand chain necklace

Pick a cute gift box and wrap up your multi strand chain necklace! All the materials are inexpensive and easily-get. More, women can easily wear it along with a simple T-shirt or dress it up with some well-cut dresses. Try mixing other colors to create more great Women’s Day Gift ideas.

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