Easy Way to Make DIY Ribbon Bracelet with Button

Summary: This DIY ribbon bracelet is quite easy to make. You can make it with your little daughter or granddaughter; for craft teachers you can save it for your handicraft course.

Easy Way to Make DIY Ribbon Bracelet with Button

This DIY ribbon bracelets project is an easy-to-do and rare-to-fail one for any kind of craft green hands! Within short while, this is a good choice for preparing Mothers' Day bracelets as your own gifts to her. 

Materials for making easy ribbon bracelet:

Satin fabric
Ball button
2mm Nylon Thread
Needle and sewing thread

materials for making easy ribbon bracelet

Easy way to make DIY ribbon bracelet with button:

Step 1: Attach button to one end of bracelet

1st, cut a piece of stain fabric strap measuring one or two wraps around wrist;

2nd, slightly fold one end of the strap and sew a button onto it;

3rd, tie a simple knot at back side.

add button to one end of bracelet

Step 2: Finish the other end of bracelet

1st, snip a bit of nylon thread and wrap it a loop;

2nd, sew this loop bottom to the other end of bracelet;

3rd, cut off excess cord.

make a buttonhole for ribbon bracelet


DIY ribbon bracelet with button is done

So far the DIY ribbon bracelet is finished. Mothers day bracelets are usually favored by young kids who intend to handcraft some one-of-a-kind jewelry things. 

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