Beaded Jewelry Tutorial - How to Make Funky Black Beaded Pendants

Summary: This project will guide you to make funky beaded pendants. The unique beaded jewelry design can be a great choice to match your dressings. Go ahead!

Beaded Jewelry Tutorial - How to Make Funky Black Beaded Pendants

Take a glance at the finished black bead jewelry, don’t you think they are amazing? You may think the beaded jewelry is a little complicated to make. In fact, once you get the key, it is easy to follow! Keep reading on this beaded jewelry tutorial.

Supplies needed for making black beaded pendants:

4 Glass pearl beads
4 Bicone beads 4mm in diameter per pendant
A jump ring per pendant
Nylon Wire, White,
Black Seedbeeds
One arbitrarily Filigree Pendant Per Pendant (optional)
A needle
A pair of scissors

supplies for handmade beaded pendants

How to make black beaded pendants?

Step 1: Make a circle of black pearl beads

1st,put 4 8mm glass beads on your needle and on your thread;
2nd, go with your needle through the last glass bead again in the same direction, the result should be a circle of pearls.

make a circle of black pearl beads

Step2: Weave seed beads around the 4 pearls

1st, add 3 seedbeads, 1 bicone bead, 1 seedbead , 1 bicone bead and 3 seedbeads to your needle and thread and go again in the same direction through the last glass pearl;
2nd, with your needle go again through the circle of pearls until you reach the opposite glass pearl (on the picture I am just halfway, you need to reach the opposite glass pearl);
3rd,now add to your needle and thread 3 seed beads and 1 bicone bead and go with your needle through the middle seed bead of the previous beads combo;
4th,add again to your needle 1 bicone bead and 3 seed beads and then go through your glass pearl again in the same direction.

weave seed beads around 4 pearls

Step3: Go through each pearl to weave seed beads

1st, go through any glass pearl and add 9 seed beads;
2nd, go through that glass pearl again and create in that manner a casing of seedbeads;
3rd, before going to the other glass pearl, add 3 seedbeads to your needle and thread to fill up the open space between the glass pearls;
4th, when you have reached the second glass pearl, repeat step 7 to 9 . Repeat these steps for every glass pearl until each glass pearl has a nice seedbead-surrounding.

weave seed beads through each pearl

Step4: Turn around and finish the beaded jewelry

1st, turn your project around so that the back of it is visible;
2nd, now match were you want your project to be on the filigree pendant. Once you’ve decided this, weave your thread variously through the filigree pendant and through your project (as well glass beads as seed beads) ;
3rd, if you think your project is woven enough and thus solid, then make superior knots on the back of the filigree pendant and optionally glue this superknot;
4th, put a jump ring on where you want your project to hang.

finish the beaded jewelry


finished unique beaded jewelry

You can hang this beaded pendant on a necklace or you can make earrings of these funky black bead pendants if you make 2 of them! It is a cool beaded jewelry tutorial, right? Please share with your friend on how to make a beaded pendant. Let more people DIY jewelry instead of buying!

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