How to Make a Thread Wrapped Bangle Bracelet with Square Knots

Summary: This thread wrapped bangle involve with square knots and it is the feature of this wrapped bangle. You can do some more bangles with differnt color thread, and wear as stacked style bangles.

How to Make a Thread Wrapped Bangle Bracelet with Square Knots

This thread wrapped bangle bracelet tutorial is simple for every green hand in jewelry crafting world. Just with preliminary skill of square knots, you are completely able to make these pretty and colorful bangles as personalized mommy jewelry.

Materials for making thread wrapped bangle:

Memory wire
1mm purple Nylon thread

materials for making thread wrapped bangle

How to make a thread wrapped bangle with square knots?

Step 1: Stick thread to bangle

1st, snip a piece of 10cm thread;
2nd, place its center near the bangle’s opening and tape firmly.

stick thread to bangle

Step 2: Braid square knots over bangle

Tie pairs of square knots as many as you desire.

braid square knots over bangle

Step 3: Finish off thread wrapped bangle bracelet

Cut off extra length of thread and glue the ends firmly. 

thread wrapped bangle bracelet is done

So far the tutorial of thread wrapped bangle bracelet is done! Here we suggest you do square knots braiding as long as it covers half of the blank bangle, because the result of which proves to be amazingly pretty. You mom will soon fall in love with this personalized mother jewelry.

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