How to Make a Pearl Chain Necklace with Fringes for Weddings

Summary: In this pearl chain necklace, my favorite version is always the one mixed with a strand of chain and fringe! That must bring lots of fun while whip this pearl and chain fringe necklace diy item up!

How to Make a Pearl Chain Necklace with Fringes for Weddings

It’s a distinctive piece among plenty of necklace making ideas. So since you’re planning to design a piece of normal necklace for your own or some beloved ladies, it would be fun to do up this pearl and chain fringe necklace diy project, in which you’ll just need multiple strands of chain and several glossy pearl beads. 

Materias for making pearl and chain necklace:

3 strands of chain
Pearl Bead
Lobster Claw Clasp
Flat Nose Plier

How to DIY pearl fringe necklace with chains?

Step1: chain preparations

1. Cut 20cm long sections of each type of chain;
2. Add one jumpring at one end to hold three strands together;
3. Slide one pearl bead onto Eyepin, form a simple loop at the other end and remove the excess pin;
4. Cut another three strands of 5cm long chain;
5. Open the two loops on eyepin and hook the last links of chain strands, one for the long and the other for the short;
6. Design the central focal chain part. You may need to keep your chain about 10cm long. After that, connect it with the short chains by the component consist of eyepin and one pearl bead;
7. Make a mirror image for the other side. 

Step2: design the fringe part

In my fringe necklace diy, the fringes are simply made up of chains and pearl beads.
1. Snip 5 pairs of chain segments, the length should be like: 2.5cm*4, 5cm*4 and 7.5cm*4;
2. Match 10 pieces of pearl beads with 10 headpins and loop the end as you did in above step. Then hook the 10 components onto the end of chains respectively;
3. Make another 10 pieces of elements out of headpin and pearl bead. Affix the chain segments to the central long chain one after one. Make the pattern be symmetrical.  

Step3: add on the clasp

Add a large jumpring and your lobster claw clasp to the ends of necklace. Additionally, add on an extra chain to the side with clasp for a bit of cuteness you want.


There you’ve finished off the funky pearl and chain fringe necklace diy project! The collocation of chains and pearl beads, cool feelings and feminine taste may further the necklace a sense of pretty and classic. And the amazing fringe will accent any of your outfit. What do you think? Isn’t an ingenious piece among the necklace making ideas?

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